Alcoholism Is Not Genetically Inherited From Alcoholism, P 45-48, 1994, Carol Wekesser, ed See NCJ-160630 Office of Justice Programs

When it comes to treating a problem suffered by multiple generations in a family, rehab is particularly critical toward recovery. Healing Springs Ranch offers a family program that helps not only the active alcoholic but teaches family members how to get well themselves. Like alcoholism, diabetes can “run in families.” Also like alcoholism, the trend of diabetes in a family can end if one person in the lineage decides to keep himself or herself out of harm’s way. Moreover, the environment influences how genes are expressed, and learned behaviors can alter how a person perceives alcohol or drug use. While this correlation can impact whether a person inherits certain genetic mutations that make them vulnerable to an AUD, growing up in an environment affected by addiction can also predispose an individual to the disease.

We have decades of experience in helping families take the difficult yet necessary first steps toward alcohol recovery. It is easy to see these preventative measures on paper, and we understand they might not resonate until someone you know has developed a substance use disorder. With addiction, we always recommend being compassionate yet proactive and to seek alcohol addiction help immediately if the problems with alcohol in your family have progressed into a dangerous situation. Because of a wide range of wild symptoms that blend into each other, recognizing a dual diagnosis can be difficult. The symptoms of each can also look vastly different from one person to the next. Additionally, not all mental health issues are the same; some mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, require vastly different considerations than anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and other co-occurring disorders.

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In these situations, your hereditary behaviors interact with your environment forming the basis of your decisions. If you are more prone to stress, this can make it harder to deal with unhealthy environmental risks, leading you to turn to alcohol to cope. Mental health conditions – psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and PTSD place an individual at an increased risk of developing AUD.

Is alcoholism a disease that affects the entire family?

The disease of alcoholism or other drug dependency (AOD) affects each family member. As the dependency progresses, stress is present for all family members even if they do not know that the dependency is the problem.

Anecdotal evidence shows that alcohol misuse can result from genetic factors. Today, studies have shown that genes could predispose a person to alcohol dependence. Research like this could help identify people who have a higher risk of misusing alcohol so it can be mitigated and treated appropriately.

Heredity and Genetics From a Medical Perspective

The team discovered that the alcohol drinking behavior pathway is linked to the reward and pleasure center of the brain. They further concluded that different genetic factors predispose people to alcoholism. Frequent exposure to alcohol and other substances can increase the risk of addiction. is alcohol abuse hereditary In particular, early exposure can heighten the risk of gaining a physical dependency on alcohol, especially in a familial setting. However, scientists also argue that genetics play a significant role in the risk of developing alcoholism and the likelihood of hereditary effects.

Although it is a genetically inherited disease, there isn’t a single alcoholic gene responsible for it. Those who do not have a family history of alcohol use disorders can still become addicted to alcohol. Whether a person develops an alcohol use disorder depends not only on genetics or family history of addiction but also on various social and environmental factors. Numerous adult children of alcoholics are responsible drinkers, or they have never had a drink in their lives. Alcohol use disorder, the medical term for alcoholism and alcohol abuse, has been linked to some specific genes.

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For our in-network insurance partners, Iris Healing® accepts PPO, EPO, and HMO plans. We are happy to answer any questions you have related to insurance coverage for mental health and addiction treatment. One of the first tips to avoid alcoholism when it runs in your family is to understand your exact family history.

is alcoholism a hereditary disease

Additionally, if you have more than one relative with an alcohol use disorder, you may have inherited genes that put you at risk. Even so, just because someone is susceptible to alcoholism does not mean they’re going to develop this condition. While we may not be able to control our genetic makeup, we can take certain precautions to prevent addiction. Instead, hundreds of genes inside your DNA can potentially amplify your risk of developing an alcohol use disorder.

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